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We Bring The Best Photo Booth Props!

No matter how much we talk about our photo booth technology, capabilities or experience, the best part for most people about our booths are the photo booth props! We don’t fight it! Our wide array of photo booth props span from goofy, to classy, to outrageous to ridiculous. No matter what photo booth prop draws your eye, all of...

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Holiday Special Pricing

Welcome to the Holiday Season of 2017! If you’re a party planner or event planner, you’ve no doubt found us because you’re planning your next big holiday party. We have some good news! We are here to help! Our selection of Photo Booths and Flipbooks are equal to none in the Richmond area, and our...

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Planning a Holiday Party?

Virginia Photo Booths and More has the perfect accessories for your next Holiday Party! Fall is coming to a close, and the temperatures are dropping everywhere! We’ll soon be well into the Winter! Before you know it, your company will be asking for your help in throwing the annual holiday party… and we want to help...

Fall Festival
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Photobooths and Flip Books for your Fall Festival!

Summer is over, and fall is here! Falling leaves and falling temperatures are just around the corner. We’re already seeing pumpkin stands on our morning drive and Halloween candy at the grocery store. It also means that it’s fall festival season, and we can’t wait to get to our first festival of the year! If...

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Don’t Choose the DIY Photo Booth!

In the age of high powered digital cameras, some folks see value in the “DIY photo booth” for events like weddings and corporate parties. We can’t fault people for being interested in saving a few bucks by constructing their own photo booth. In fact, we’ve actually seen a couple DIY photo booths setups that worked fairly well! Please...

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Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Photo Booth Rental!

We know… weddings are expensive! Sometimes ridiculously expensive. Plus, there’s the “wedding tax,”! That’s when stuff which would normally be cheaper otherwise costs twice as much… just because it’s being used for a wedding! However, there are many services where you absolutely get what you pay for, and one of them is your photo booth!...

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How to Take the Best Photo Booth Pictures!

Tips for Taking the Best Photo Booth Pictures! One of the most frequent questions we’re asked? How do we get we make sure that we get the best photo booth pictures of our guests? Well, we’ve got a handful of tips for you to make sure that the photo booth pictures you get from your big night are...

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Photo Booths

See Before You Buy!

Your big day is coming up. You interviewed countless wedding/party planners. You vetted a long list of DJs. You researched for weeks and drove all around Virginia to find the perfect site for your event. Worked hard to find a caterer that would suit you and your guest’s needs. You’ve done a ton of work…...

Summer Event
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Summer Event Photo Booth Rental

If you’ve got a big event planned this summer, we’ve got the perfect complement: a photobooth, our flipbooks, or both! A party rental from Virginia Photobooths and More is the best way to kick your summer event into high gear! Photobooths Photobooths are our staple rental, and for good reason! We have the highest quality...

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Graduation Party Ideas from VA Photo Booths and More!

Looking for some great graduation party ideas? Look no further! Virginia Photo Booths and More delivers ideal party favors and accessories for any graduation party. By choosing us for a graduation photo booth rental, you’ll take your party to the next level! Graduation Party Photo Booths A photo booth from VA Photo Booths and More is...