Flipbooks from Virginia Photo Booths and More

Flipbooks are a great way to make unique party favors for your guests while also providing fun lively entertainment. The basic premise is that your guests record a short video which we then turn into a take home small flipbook. These are unique, long lasting and fun ways for all your guests to remember your event well after the “dust settles.”

In the video above, you see short clips (about 7 seconds) of customers having a blast while recording a flipbook. We then take this 7 second clip and reformat the video into a series of pictures in the form of a small flipbook that your guests can take home with them. You will be amazed how much your guests will love this creative and different approach to a traditional take home gift from your event!

Are Flipbooks Part of the Photo Booth Rental? 

Flipbooks and Photo Booth rentals are different, even though quite a few of our wedding and corporate clients choose a combination rental to include both products. If you’re more interested in our photo booth rental options, visit our photo booth rental page to learn more. We would love to talk to you about some creative ways our clients use these two different products in the past, but do want to make sure you understand they are different offerings.

How Do You Create these Flipbooks?

We come to your wedding, corporate party or special event and set up a 10’ x 10’ display. The purpose of our display is to encourage your guests to create a personal short video, where we absolutely want as much creativity as possible! Within 90 seconds after they record their short video, we transform that short video clip into a personalized flipbook, that your guests take home!

How Long Does it Take to Print a Flipbook? 

We can create up to 45 flipbooks per hour! For larger events, rest assured… we have the ability to allow all of your guests the opportunity to create their own special flipbook.

What Types of Events are Best for FlipBooks? 

We offer flipbook packages for all sorts of corporate events, parties, weddings, and special celebrations throughout Virginia (and up and down the East Coast!). Most often, people request our flipbook packages for:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events and Corporate Parties
  • Birthday Parties (Sweet 16’s, etc.)
  • Retirement Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Grand Opening Events

These are but a few of the types of events for which we offer flipbooks. If you have a unique event coming up for which you’d like to consider flipbooks, contact Virginia Photo Booths and More online or call us anytime at (804) 651-2409 and we’d welcome the opportunity to speak directly with you!

Flipbook Packages

We offer a variety of different “upgrades” on top of our standard flipbook package, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Unlimited Flipbooks
    We can produce between 30 and 35 books per hour. Expecting a larger crowd? Just let us know and will be able to accommodate.
  • Customizable Cover
    Work with our graphic designer to design a flipbook cover that will make your event truly unique. For examples check out our gallery
  • Two Attendants
    Our staff will help engage and entertain your guests. These professionals will make sure your event runs smoothly and successfully.
  • Props Package
    Jazz up the pictures with Hats, Glasses, Boas, Sign’s, Inflatable Instruments, and much more! Feel free to provide your own. For examples check out our gallery
  • Website
    We can post the flipbooks from your event to a password protected website! Guests can view and order additional pictures and gifts as well as upload pictures to that same website. Guests love this feature!
  • Green Screen Flipbooks 
    Imagine the possibilities here! We offer multiple backgrounds, ideas and background options!

Transforming Your Video Into a Flipbook

By transforming your video into a flipbook, we give your guests something totally unique and long lasting.

These flipbooks make great gifts for the family of your special someone playing sports, performing on stage, or even taking their first steps. Please do keep in mind we ask for a minimum order of 10 flipbooks for all events.

Our 100% Guarantee On Flipbook Packages

We 100% guarantee we will be at your event on time and that our equipment will work as promised, or your money back. This alone should indicate to you how seriously we take your event, and how committed we are to delivering an outstanding experience. We want you to walk away from this experience with the overwhelming feeling that you made the smart choice.

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