Old School Photo BoothThe History of the Photo Booth!

At Virginia Photo Booths and More, we can offer the unmistakable experience of the classic photo booth combined with modern photograph technology.

But what is that classic experience? What makes this setup so intimate, unique and enjoyable?

An Abridged History of The Photo Booth

Since the invention of photography, enterprising photographers tried to figure out a way to automate the process. There are patents for automated photography machines all the way back to 1888. Unfortunately, the technology just wasn’t there at the time. They were unable to run without constant maintenance.

Photo BoothFast forward 35 years when a Russian immigrant named Anatol Josepho showed up in NYC with the prototype model of the first photo booth. He placed his booth on Broadway, and charged $0.25 a pop for the photos. The machine produced 8 pictures, and took about 10 minutes from start to finish. Within half a year of him introducing this photo booth, his new machines had serviced over 280,000 people! The smashing success of Josepho’s invention spurred the creation of The Photomaton Company. This company paid Josepho a cool million + royalties for his invention, and placed his photo booths across the country.

A Classic And Intimate Experience

Model 12Over 90 years since Josepho’s first photo booth, you can find his invention in tons of places where people gather to create special memories. The photos themselves are just part of what makes the photo booth such a lasting and uniquely fun memory maker. The setup itself is a huge reason why this experience stands the test of time.

When you sit down inside our classic photo booth setup and draw those curtains, you experience that intimate setting that other “wanna-be” back-drop setups just can’t fake. Would you feel comfortable kissing someone in front of a wide open room in front of a camera? Would you make the same outlandish faces when 20 or 30 people are watching you? In our experience, the answer is no.

From History To Modern Times

At Virginia Photo Booths and More, we’ve added modern technology to a historically fun and intimate setup, to enhance the overall experience in modern times! That being said, we have the technology and capability in house to deliver several different types of booth setups, all depending on what works best in your environment.

Anatol_JosephoWe offer a classic photo booth setup, a smaller enclosed booth setup, and a basic “open” photo back drop setup. Our recommendations will vary based on your specific needs. If you’re event is in a gorgeous outdoor setting, we might suggest a more “open” booth setup. Perhaps you’re planning a “post-prom” event and want to keep an eye on the teenagers taking pictures? Again, an “open” setup probably makes sense. If, however, you’re more interested in creating that classic, intimate photo booth setting, our enclosed photo booth makes perfect sense.

The key for us is to truly understand your needs. To do so, we highly encourage either a detailed phone conversation or an in person meeting. We urge you to tread lightly with any photo booth vendor who doesn’t want to meet with you or at least speak to you in person. How can you truly know what to expect otherwise?

Our Most Popular Events

When it comes to the types of events for which we have the most demand, most customers choose us for three main types of events:

Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

Corporate Event Photo Booth Rentals

Special Event Photo Booth Rentals

If you’re planning one of these types of events, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you. With our years of experience, superior technology and attentive staff, we deliver an experience like nobody else can!

va copyAll that being said, we’ll never lose sight of that close up, intimate feeling that only a photo booth can provide. Even though this basic technology is almost a century old, the opportunity to have fun in an enclosed setting like a photo booth will always be “in style!”

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