How to Take the Best Photo Booth Pictures!

Tips for Taking the Best Photo Booth Pictures!

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked? How do we get we make sure that we get the best photo booth pictures of our guests? Well, we’ve got a handful of tips for you to make sure that the photo booth pictures you get from your big night are as memorable as the night itself!  We’ve outlined a few key tips and recommendations to get the most out of your photo booth rental experience….

Choose the Best Equipment

This one is somewhat self explanatory, but in order to get the best photo booth pictures you absolutely must rent high quality photo booth equipment! Ask your vendor which they type of photo booth rental setup and equipment they offer, Also ask for samples from that photo booth! You never want to find yourself in a position where you expect one type of photo and get something totally different.

Our Equipment

At Virginia Photobooths and More,  we offer two main types of photo booth rentals: the “Model 12” photo booth and the “Ultra Portable” photo booth.

Over the past few years, our “Ultra Portable” photo booth rental has quickly become the most popular product we offer, due to its flexibility, size and the outstanding quality of our photo prints.  Our Ultra Portable booth offers two options for backgrounds…either an enclosed setup we provide, or a custom background (think: logo’d backdrop like on a red carpet) or natural picturesque setting of your choice!  So, if you have an outdoor wedding or event where the beach, mountains or a Richmond landmark is nearby, the Ultra Portable booth is perfect! All your guests will see themselves with a gorgeous and memorable background behind them. Best Photo Booth

On the flip side is our other popular photo booth setup, our “Model 12.”  The American Photo Booth Associated branded our “Model 12” as the best on the market, for a variety of different reasons. Check out our Photo Booths page to learn more about our “Model 12” booth, which is more of your traditional booth setup.  Your guests walk into the booth, sit down (or stand) and give their best and often funniest poses for a series of pictures.  Our Model 12 booth is perfect for indoor events, weddings and more!

When it comes to choosing the best photo booth rental equipment? Be sure to know the dimensions of your potential space before you get too far along!

Choose The Right Accessories

Once you’ve got a high quality, high resolution photo booth, you’ll want to make sure your photo booth rental company provides a ton of fun accessories for your guests to wear during their shoots! Just having a photo booth is fun, but to get the best photo booth pictures, you’ll need the right accessories to crank up the fun a bit!  After all, without some fun accessories, you wouldn’t be able to get pictures like the ones below!

So be sure to ask your vendor to bring out the whole collection of accessories. We offer more accessories than we can count, including all of the the funny, goofy, and downright silly ones. Your guests will love them!

Choose the Right Photo Booth Rental Company

Make sure you get the right vendor for your wedding, special event or corporate event.  Be sure to check out all of your options. Get quotes from a few photo booth rental companies! Make sure that you get the right quality photos, the right accessories, and the right support…all at the right budget!  You’d be surprised how many last-second photo booth rentals we take on every week, simply because the event coordinator (or mom/dad/whomever!) lost confidence in their previously chosen photo booth rental company.

So how can you avoid a costly mistake? Make sure you communicate exactly what you want from your vendor. In turn, make sure the vendor is communicating exactly what you want from them in return.  Do your research, ask the right questions and ask specific questions.

If you’ve already chosen another photo booth rental vendor, congrats! We hope you get exactly what you want.  In that “emergency” situation and need some last minute help from the best photo booth rental company in Richmond? You know who to call!

Have Some Fun!

Once you’ve gotten everything right, sit back and enjoy the show. Most importantly? Have fun!

Your guests will line up to get their photos taken in your photo booth. You’ll be able to have fun without worry. You and your guests will be treated to high-quality photos with fun accessories and memories that will last forever. A win on all counts!

We’re happy to show you some examples of people having a blast in our photo booths…Just take a look at our gallery page and you’ll see what we mean!

Choose Us for the Best Photo Booth Experience!

We hope you found this guide helpful!

We offer nothing but the best photo booth rentals, photo booth accessories, service and experience in Richmond.  With that in mind, we’d love the opportunity to show you what “quality” photo booth rentals are all about.

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