Discount Photobooth

Beware the Discount Photobooth!

A Discount Photobooth often comes with Discount Professionalism

If you are in the market for a photobooth rental for an upcoming wedding, corporate event or celebration or any type of special occasion, we highly recommend you think twice before purchasing considering a discount photobooth from one of those “big savings” sites (no names… but you know who we mean!).

While they are great at luring you in with a really low ball price point, these vendors are not great on delivering on your expectations…. after all, they’ve got to cut costs somewhere, and a discount photobooth vendor often provides discount professionalism!

Buyer Beware! 

What you over look due to the low price and seemingly solid bio on these discount photobooth vendors is the quality of their actual photos, the type of equipment and setup they offer, how they stand behind their product and their contracts, and their experience.

First and foremost, many of the “custom photo strips” you see on these profiles are FAKE!  They are stock images they’ve purchased or likely “borrowed” from another vendor, and do not represent the quality of their work at all.

Secondly, many of these fly by night discount photobooth rental companies are no more than a one man show with some entry level equipment.  The truth is, the barriers to entry in terms of costs for our line of work are not all that much for basic equipment, setup and props….which attracts many “jack of all trades” type vendors who offer discount photoboot rentals on the side.  When you make this kind of investment, be sure you ask questions about the type of equipment, specific setup, etc. before you take their word for anything.

discount photoboothNext, make sure your photobooth rental partner stands behind his/her contract.  We can’t tell you how many calls we get from frantic wedding planners or event planners, asking if we can make magic happen on the fly because they chose a low ball rental company who didn’t show, or whose equipment didn’t work.  At Virginia Photobooths and More, we stand behind our word, our product and our experience with a 100% guarantee.  We guarantee when we commit to your event that we will be there on time/as promised and that our equipment will work as promised, or we will refund every penny of your contract.  No gimmicks or loopholes… just honesty.

Lastly, you should ALWAYS ask about how long your vendor has been in the business, and about their experience.  At Virginia Photobooths and More, this is all we do, and we’ve been at the photobooth rental business for going on 7 years.  We challenge you to find anyone with our experience and commitment.  Many of these ‘come and go’ vendors offer discount photobooth rentals on the side, and often work regular 9 to 5 jobs during the week.  How committed to the quality of the experience can they really be if the spend 40+ hours a week doing another job?  To make things worse, many of them also have little to no experience since its so easy to get into this business.

Do Your Homework

So how can you avoid a potentially embarrassing situation at your next special event? Simple. Do your homework and ask questions. Remember that sometimes there’s a high price to renting a discount photobooth.

We strongly encourage everyone we speak with to meet with us in person.  You should always do so.  You spend so much time on all the other details of your wedding or party…why not on your photobooth rental company?

We do realize this blog makes us sound somewhat like old fuddy-duddies.  We’re willing to take that chance.  While we love the idea of getting a good deal on anything, it certain situations it just doesn’t make sense as the risk is too high and the payoff is too low.

We’d Love the Chance to Speak with You

If by reading this we’ve caused you to take pause the next time you see a “too good to be true” discount photobooth rental deal, then we’ve accomplished our goal!  With that in mind, if you are in the market or interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, please contact Virginia Photobooths and More online, send us a message on Facebook,  or call us anytime at 804-651-2409!  



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