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Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Photo Booth Rental!

We know… weddings are expensive! Sometimes ridiculously expensive. Plus, there’s the “wedding tax,”! That’s when stuff which would normally be cheaper otherwise costs twice as much… just because it’s being used for a wedding! However, there are many services where you absolutely get what you pay for, and one of them is your photo booth! Keep reading to find out why we always recommend that you should never settle for the cheapest photo booth rental!

Never Go With The Cheapest Photo Booth Rental

We are happy to tell you straight up: Virginia Photo Booths and More is not going to be where you’ll find the cheapest photo booth rental. To be honest, we take pride in that. So while this blog, telling you not to go with the cheapest photo booth rental, might come off as a bit self-serving… just bear with us! There’s a handful of good reasons that we’re more expensive, and they are reasons you will appreciate on one of the biggest nights of your life!

So, why aren’t we the cheapest photo booth rental?

Our Equipment

not the cheapest photo booth rentalOur equipment is the finest in the industry. Each one of our many photo booths was purpose built to provide the finest photo booth experience in Richmond. This isn’t a photo booth we built in our garage with a camera we bought at Best Buy… our photo booths are professional grade. Speaking of which…

Our Professionalism

Photo booth rentals is our full time job. This is what we do to feed our family, and we’ve been doing it for many years. This is not a hobby for us, or something to earn us some quick bucks on the side on the weekends. A rental from VAPB is a fully featured, fully supported experience. More on that below!

Our Support

We provide an attendant with each photo booth rental. Their task is to ensure that every thing goes right the whole night, so you can focus on what matters…  but our support doesn’t end there though. After the event, all of your pictures will be available on our online suite for re-printing, scrap booking, and a ton of laughs.

We think the extra service and professionalism is well worth the extra cost. We hope you agree!

Contact Virginia Photo Booths and More

Like we said in the intro – we get it. Weddings are expensive. We completely understand… sometimes sacrifices need to be made! We know that sometimes choosing the cheapest photo booth rental is not really a choice at all.

However – if you want the most professional and complete photo booth experience? A photo booth rental from Virginia Photo Booths and More is the only way to go! We won’t be the cheapest, but we will be the best.

Get in touch to learn more! You can reach us at 804-651-2409 or contact us online to get the ball rolling. Feel free to message us on Facebook as well! We look forward to hearing from you!

We are accepting pre-booking for all future and postponed events!

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