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The Importance Of Conversation!

ConversationIn today’s socially distanced, work-from home world, the new standard is for an entire conversation to take place over text or emails. There’s no doubt – sometimes it’s just easier, faster and more convenient to just drop a message and move on to the next thing on your list. However, easier and faster aren’t always the same thing as better, especially with weddings and big events! We always recommend that you contact your vendors by phone and have an actual conversationif you’re planning a big corporate event, celebration or wedding.

The Power of An Actual Conversation

The spoken conversation will always be the best way to communicate exactly what you need. These real-time conversations allow businesses like Virginia Photo Booths and More to quickly and accurately ask and answer every question possible. Sometimes, things get lost in the shuffle with texts and emails or language gets misinterpreted. We’ve all been there! Plus, while we appreciate emoji’s as much as anyone, emotion and emphasis just don’t translate well digitally.

ConversationFrom our years in this business, we know that planning a party is a complex and extremely involved process. A big part of our role as your photo booth vendor is to make things simpler for you. When you take the extra few minutes early on to call us, we can custom-tailor a perfect solution for your specific event. The reality is that a good initial conversation will save you time and hassle down the road, as we can address your questions up front and without potential for miscommunication.

In the end, we’re absolutely willing and able to work with you on your party no matter how you’d like to communicate. After all, making it easy for you is part of our job! If you prefer we communicate entirely via email or text, of course we’ll make it happen!

Contact Virginia Photo Booths and More (By Phone!)

ConversationIf you’re interested in booking a photo booth rental, or any of our other services quickly and easily, please call us! We promise to make that initial conversation as painless as possible!

The number to know is (804) 651-2409.

If you really do prefer digital communication, you can also reach us via email or Facebook message. 

We are accepting pre-booking for all future and postponed events!

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