Don’t Choose the DIY Photo Booth!

DIY Photo BoothIn the age of high powered digital cameras, some folks see value in the “DIY photo booth” for events like weddings and corporate parties. We can’t fault people for being interested in saving a few bucks by constructing their own photo booth. In fact, we’ve actually seen a couple DIY photo booths setups that worked fairly well!

Please understand though… there are some big risks involved with choosing the DIY photo booth.


 DIY Photo BoothThere are certainly some people are capable of constructing a high quality photo booth from scratch, Most don’t possess the skills, tools or experience to build the DIY photo booth right. Those that do often don’t know much about the intricacies of taking high quality pictures.

What many folks build at the end of the day is a shoddily constructed photo booth. Often, it either looks “bush league,’ prints low quality photos, or potentially both. The truth is, we’ve never seen a DIY photo booth at a wedding that we would feel proud to have at one of our family member’s weddings.  But why cut corners (especially for a wedding) when you’ve invested so much on all the other elements?


 DIY Photo BoothImagine this scenario: you’ve planned out every last detail perfectly for your big wedding. The big night is finally here. So far, so good! Everything is running along smoothly with the ceremony and now you’re into the reception.

Unfortunately, your “DIY photo booth” suddenly stops printing pictures. Someone now needs to spend time trying to fix the issue. They figure out how to fix it! 20 minutes later, it breaks down again. Is this what you want your family or your guests to remember from the most important day of your life?

Why risk it?

You don’t have to with a professional photo booth rental from an experienced partner like Virginia Photo Booths and More. When you rent from us, you’ll receive a trained attendant on hand to deal with the guests and equipment. They are more than capable of fixing any issues along the way.

Our equipment is the highest quality on the market, so issues are rare. We’ve been in the photo booth business for a long time… there’s nothing we haven’t seen before!


 DIY Photo BoothWithout question, investing in a photo booth rental will almost always be more expensive upfront than building a DIY photo booth. However, if you don’t already have a high quality camera, it’s not cheaper by much. In the end, you might save a couple hundred bucks. Given the issues we’ve discussed above, is that worth it? We don’t think so.

When you choose to rent a quality photo booth from Virginia Photo Booths and More, you’re making the right choice. You’re guaranteeing yourself the highest-quality pictures, the most professional service, and the least stressful experience. We are confident you and your guests will appreciate the professional photo booth experience we deliver.

Don’t Roll the Dice with a DIY Photo Booth! Contact Virginia Photo Booths and More!

Sure, there are some pros to the DIY photo booth… mainly that you might save $100-$200.

On the flip side, you’ll feel so much more confident going into your big day when you choose a professional photo booth rental company like Virginia Photo Booths and More! We welcome the opportunity to talk with you. We’d love to discuss the overwhelming advantage of choosing a photo booth rental company for your wedding or next big corporate event.

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