Graduation Party Ideas from VA Photo Booths and More!

Graduation PartyLooking for some great graduation party ideas? Look no further! Virginia Photo Booths and More delivers ideal party favors and accessories for any graduation party.

By choosing us for a graduation photo booth rental, you’ll take your party to the next level!

Graduation Party Photo Booths

A photo booth from VA Photo Booths and More is the perfect accessory for your graduation party. A photo booth is an ideal way to capture the fun, magic, and best memories of your big night.

With every graduation party we have the honor to attend, we bring buckets and buckets of free props for all your guests! Our photo booths feature high quality photography equipment that takes crystal clear, ready on the spot photos. Plus, we save all of the pictures online so you can check them all out when the dust settles from your celebration!

We put together a quick slideshow of some of our recent parties, to give you an idea of the pure fun we bring to each and every celebration:

As you can see, every one of your guests will have a total blast in our photo booth!

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Do you want to make your graduation party the most memorable event of the year? Here’s all you need to do:

First, make sure your soon-to-be graduate actually graduates on time and in style. This sounds obvious, right?

Next, celebrate like a rock star by renting a photo booth from VA Photo Booths and More!

We have years of experience in helping host awesome graduation parties of all sizes, plus we work with you to create the best and least stressful experience possible.

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