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We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: if you’re looking for the best party rentals, Virginia Photo Booths and More is your company! Whether you are looking for our incredibly high quality photo booths or are one-of-a-kind flipbooks, VA Photo Booths and More has the equipment and reliability to kick your party up a notch! Don’t go to Groupon or any of those other “discount” sites. Trust the professionals!

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Party RentalsWhy go to Virginia Photo Booths and More for your upcoming party rentals? It’s simple: we’re the best! We go above and beyond to provide you with the best equipment, best service, and best overall experience. That’s our approach, and it has been for many years. This is our full-time job: we aren’t some fly-by-night outfit that is looking to make a quick buck on the side. We’ve been in this industry for decades, and our experience and knowledge is evident in all of the things we do.

Photo Booths

Our Photo Booths are the the highest possible quality that you can find in Virginia. Featuring HD cameras, a privacy shroud, tons and tons of awesome props, and high-quality printing capabilities, you really can’t find a better option for party rentals – and especially if you build it yourself.

Check out our Photo Booths page to learn more!

Flip Books

Party RentalsIn a nutshell, our flipbooks are awesome. They perfectly capture the experience of your party in a fun and portable book that you can take home with you. Once you’ve shot your video, it takes about 90 seconds to print and compile your flip book, and then your memory is enshrined in a fun medium forever! If you’re looking for a unique party rental that your guests will be talking about for weeks, flipbooks are the way to go!

Check out our Flipbooks page to get a more in depth explanation.

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Getting your party rentals from Virginia Photo Booths and More is the absolute best choice for Virginians.

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