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Wedding Photo Booth Rentals: Don’t Settle!

Your wedding is one of important days of your life. You spend so much time planning, prepping and stressing, to make sure you and your guests enjoy your wedding as much as you. Why not invest at least a few minutes of time in choosing the right wedding photo booth rental partner?

Think of all the details you’ve already considered, from the flower arrangement to the DJ to your dress. Our point? Don’t settle for the “run of the mill” photo booth rental for your wedding. Do it right!

Choose Virginia Photo Booths and More! A top notch and fully customized photo booth rental and/or flipbook rental from Virginia Photo Booths and More will deliver add that extra something special to your already fantastic wedding.

When your guests think back years from now about your wedding, what will they remember? Will they remember the flower arrangements or the boutonnieres? What about the list the DJ played?

We promise you that your guests will remember your photo booth!

We Make Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Easy

We know that you’ve got your pick when it comes to Richmond photo booth rental companies or special event photographers. You’re probably weighing your options as it related to your available space, your budget, and what you’re hoping to accomplish. We can help make this decision easy!

So what makes Virginia Photo Booths and More so unique? We’re all about the premium experience made easy, and we guarantee we will be there on time with properly working equipment! 

We we know that the last thing you want at a wedding is a cut-rate photo booth outfit disrupting your perfect night or dampening the experience for your guests. Or, even worse, a DIY photo booth set up that requires your attention on your big day. We work with your party planner to make sure you get absolutely anything you need. Our quality is only second to our customer service, and our quality is outstanding!

Working on a tight timeline? No worries! We do have the ability to deliver an amazing and memorable photo booth experience on short notice. If you are late in the game, just let us know and we will make something special happen!

Give Your Guests an Intimate and Unique Experience

Nothing delivers the same intimate and unique experience like a photo booth!

Since the original photo booth went live in the early 1920’s on Broadway, people worldwide have enjoyed stepping foot into a photo booth and letting the camera do the rest. These days, technology has dramatically improved the quality, speed and delivery of the photos. However, your guests will experience that same excitement and anticipation of when they first step into our photo booth that a tourist would have experienced on Broadway nearly a century ago!

Remember: your guests want to have fun on their terms, even though this is your wedding! If you rely on a cut rate photographer with a basic backdrop, you might be disappointed with the results. Guests at a wedding might not feel all that comfortable acting silly, having fun or even sneaking in a kiss when 20-30 other guests are watching. When you choose a photo booth, you allow your guests to act crazy, have fun and express their excitement inside the photo booth without anyone else watching!

That being said, if you’re wedding venue provides awesome background scenery (a winery for example), we can absolutely customize one of our booths to not include an enclosed set-up. We’re also able to provide a custom back-drop if you prefer. In our experience, guests do tend to really love the enclosed set-up, but we’re all about providing our guest (YOU!) all the options at your disposal.

Your guests want to remember a blast of an event. You want to deliver that excitement. Let Virginia Photo Booths and More help!

Our 100% Guarantee on Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

We are so confident in our product, experience and customer service that we 100% guarantee we will be at your wedding on time and that our equipment will work as promised.

This sounds easy enough..but beware those “low ball” wedding photo booth companies you often see on discount coupon sites. From what we’ve seen time and time again, they lure you in with a really low price offer, then vastly under deliver on your expectations. Either they show up late (or don’t show at all), their equipment doesn’t work right, the forget props, or they just deliver a sub par experience.

Remember: you’ve put countless hours or planning, prep and thought into each and every detail of your dream wedding. You should take your wedding photo booth rental plan just as seriously!

With years in the party and event business, the best technology and the best talent, Virginia Photo Booths and More delivers an unrivaled product and experience. Don’t settle for less.

Available Wedding Photo Booth Packages and Upgrades 

We offer a variety of upgrade options, based on your type of event. Below, we outlined some of our more popular upgrade options. Let us know how we might take an already special event to an even more amazing level with a photo booth package upgrade!

  • Unlimited Pictures
    Choose between Black & White, Color, or Sepia Tone Pictures
  • Customized Graphics
    Our graphic designer will custom design a message we will print on every picture your guests take home from your event.
  • Professional Photo Booth Attendant
    Our staff is there to help engage and entertain your guests, while running a smooth and seamless event. We won’t get in the way, and we won’t step on anyone’s toes.
  • Scrapbooks 
    Choose a beautifully designed album created by one of our attendants and take home a huge collection of special memories!
  • Website
    We can post all pictures from your event to a password protected website, where guests can view and order additional pictures and gifts as well as upload pictures to that same website. Guests love this feature!
  • Props Package
    Jazz up your pictures with big hats, crazy glasses, beautiful boas, wacky signs, inflatable instruments, and tons of other props! Feel free to provide your own as well!

Phew! Lots to choose from right? Don’t worry. We make it easy! Let us help you narrow down the package and options that makes the most sense for your wedding!

Contact Virginia Photo Booths and More today!

We look forward to the opportunity to make your wedding even more memorable! We strongly recommend that we meet you in person before your wedding, so we can discuss all the details of your event.

Please contact us online, email us directly, or call us direct at 804-651-2409

Remember, we 100% guarantee we will be at your wedding on time and that our equipment will work properly, or we will refund you. Why risk it?

We are accepting pre-booking for all future and postponed events!

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