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Race Afterparty Ideas from VA Photobooths and More!

Cycling’s pinnacle event, the Road World Championships, descends upon Richmond, VA in September! Like all Richmonders, we’re super excited for this major event to be held in our lovely city! We’re looking forward to seeing people from all over the world travel to Richmond to participate and watch the races. We’re looking forward to the races, and the parties afterward! We’ve got the perfect accessory for any race afterparty: our photobooths!

The Race

The Road World Championships, or just “the Worlds”, is a nine-day cycling event that features 12 championship races for the Elite male and female cyclists from over 23, under 23, and junior age groups. Each participant has earned the privilege of representing their countries in three different cycling disciplines: the traditional road race, the individual time trial and the team time trial.

race afterpartyThe impact on Richmond will be huge! The Worlds in Richmond is estimated to generate over $21 million dollars before the event even starts, with an additional $129 million being brought in to local Richmond businesses during the 9 days of events. The rest of Virginia will also receive significant windfalls, and the state is estimated to earn up to $9 million in tax revenue alone from the 450,000 visitors from around the world. We can’t state it enough: this is a major event for Richmond!

The Race Afterparty!

Race AfterpartyThe races themselves are going to be awesome, but what we’re looking forward to is servicing the numerous afterparties that will be held with our highly-rated photobooths! A photobooth is the perfect accessory to kick it up a notch at any race afterparty this September. We’ve got a variety of photobooths to serve events large and small, indoor or outdoor, you name it, we got it!

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If you’re interested in having a photobooth at your race afterparty, don’t hesitate to call! We’ve got large stock of a variety of photobooth options, along with other great party favors for any event. We’d love to help make your race afterparty the most memorable during this awesome event, so if you have any questions or want to make a reservation, give us a call at 804.651.2409, contact us online, or drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll happily help out! Enjoy the race this year!

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