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See Before You Buy!

Rent a Photo BoothYour big day is coming up. You interviewed countless wedding/party planners. You vetted a long list of DJs. You researched for weeks and drove all around Virginia to find the perfect site for your event. Worked hard to find a caterer that would suit you and your guest’s needs. You’ve done a ton of work… so why not take the extra time to make sure, before you rent a photo booth, that it’s exactly what you want?

Don’t Rent a Photo Booth without Seeing it First!

You’d be surprised how often it happens: months (sometimes years) of meticulous planning goes into a wedding or party, for it all to be undone because the planner assumes all photo booths are created equal. They are not! There’s a reason the “deal sites” can offer such low prices. Often times, it’s because the vendor is nothing more than a guy with a day job that rents out his secondhand photo booth on the weekends. You don’t know what his equipment looks like, you don’t know the quality of the pictures, and you don’t know if he’ll be there on time… the only selling point is the price!

Our prices are not going to be as cheap as you’d find on one of the deal sites, but there’s a reason for that. Providing quality photo booth rental experiences is not a side job or a source of weekend cash for us; it’s what we do day in and day out. We’re not just going to talk the talk though… we’ll walk the walk as well!

At VAPB, we want you to feel confident when you rent a photo booth from us. If you want to meet in person, just give us a time and place! If you want to see our equipment, we welcome you to view our selection of photo booths. Want to know how the pictures turn out? Take as many as you like, and take them with you!

Rent a Photo Booth from Virginia Photobooths and More!

Rent a Photo BoothSo please; do yourself and your guests a favor and don’t rent a photo booth without seeing the unit in person and in operation before hand! You can’t always trust the photos you see on line; in fact, we’ve seen our pictures from our Model 12 photo booth on competitor’s sites before!

We will be happy to show you our selection of photo booths before you make any decision. Just get in touch and we’ll set up an appointment! Just give us a ring at 804-651-2409, message us  on Facebook, or contact us online.

We are accepting pre-booking for all future and postponed events!

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