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Choosing the Right Photo Booth Rental Company

Once the country opens back up, it’ll be party time… and nothing enhances the experience for your partygoers more than a photo booth. But how do you choose the best vendor when there are so many out there?

The truth is, even if you choose another photo booth rental company, we really do want you to have a wonderful experience. We know there are other companies in Virginia that offer great product, a great experience and are really good people. On the other hand, as you might imagine, we run into “less desirable” photo booth rental companies on a daily basis as well. This is something you should be very careful of, as the number of “us too” companies have exploded in the last few years. We attribute this increase in competition due primarily to two main factors:

1: Ease of entering the “photo booth rental” market

2: The pure opportunity for business in this space, based on consumer demand

The Pros and Cons of Increased Competition for Photo Booth Rentals

We welcome the opportunity for competition, as competition in any industry drives innovation. We do caution our wedding, corporate and special event customers to “beware the high cost of the low price” when it comes to photo booth rentals. It’s easy for the “average joe” to buy a decent camera, a small setup and some props. That doesn’t make them a photo booth company though! Still, we are finding that more and more of these smaller, one man operations continue to open up throughout Virginia.

We urge you to be very careful about doing business with some of these folks. What we find is that while their low cost for photo booth rental can be quite attractive (we know everyone is on a budget!), we also find that they are unreliable. They deliver a sub-par product and user experience, and quite often fall well short of expectations.

What Makes Virginia Photo Booths and More So Unique? 

At Virginia Photo Booths and More, we’ve invested immensely in our products. Our technology and our people are unmatched throughout Richmond. A huge amount of our operations year-to-year are repeat customers and referral customers. They all have wonderful feedback after each rental! When we schedule an event with you, we guarantee 100% that we will show up on time, and deliver what you asked for, and more! With years of experience in the party planning and event planning industry, we know what it takes to be successful. We know how much our reputation for over-delivering has driven our growth.

The key takeaway for you, as a wedding planner, party planner or bride/parent is this: Be sure you do your research! There are lots of legit photo booth rental companies out there. However, there are also a lot of unreliable, fly by night operations. If you are truly in the market for a company with great product, outstanding service and a long standing history of happy clients, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you!

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